Regd. No : 328 / 2018  

Dr. Sai Ramesh Damodara Rao a down to earth profile business magnet from Visakhapatnam had a balanced life to world work management and social welfare society programs. His dream been habited of society awareness from year 1995, with blood campaign, cleanliness program in city, aware in women and child programs in district of vizag and district of vijayanagaram.

He has a good balance profile as south India head in varied businesses. Despite of the credentials in business sector, his thoughts were well leaned towards the welfare of the people. Being a person of strong will, he started with M.V.L Nageswara Rao in the year 2013 for the creation of National Consumer Rights Commission with an strong administrative setup extended all over the country with its dynamic team..

Since 2013, Dr. Sai Ramesh Damodara Rao has been organising various activities, awareness campaigns and programmes on the social causes like:

Child Education programs
Blind School support
Blood Campaigns
Pollution free cities
Beggar free city
Clean & green city
Traffic Rules Awareness
Consumer Awareness Programes






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